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It’s the month of October, and the animals are busy at work…


Still, a springy sense of whimsy persists in parks…


Meanwhile, like bees, everyone is so busy at ITP, gathering knowledge.

I’ve been thinking about lots of things. For instance, ways of understanding programming, without the programming…

I remembered being so aware of recursion as a kid, and creating loads of recursive jokes with my brother. Somehow kids find infinity on their own, and it totally enthralls them.

(a TV in a TV, in a TV, in a TV…!)

I wonder what other concepts we learn through our world, through our bodies, through humor.


Here’s a new markdown language just for burritos.

I’ve been on the lookout for systems and new language short hands people make, especially when they don’t have a formal, product-polished system in place.


And as usual, I’ve been observing the hostile, barred-teeth expressions of our city. Somebody must’ve kept sitting on this pipe!


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